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Solving Critical Billing Challenges: How PMSI Delivers Accuracy and Efficiency

Picture this: The end of the month is rolling around again, and it’s time to send out those utility bills. You’re sitting at your desk, surrounded by stacks of invoices, a calendar full of deadlines, and a to-do list that seems to grow longer by the minute. You’re constantly looking for ways to streamline your […]

How To Maximize Customer Engagement With Transactional Mail

man holding transactional mail / invoice printed and mailed by PMSI (Professional Mail Services, Inc.)

Transactional mail is an important tool, often underestimated in its potential to foster deep, lasting customer engagement. According to USPS, over 90% of transactional pieces like bills, invoices, and statements are opened and read; this is a huge opportunity for you to connect with your customers. It’s not just about delivering the necessary information; transactional documents […]

Navigating the 2024 USPS® Price Changes

Dear Valued PMSI Customers, As a key partner in your commercial, direct mail, and transactional printing needs, we at PMSI believe it’s crucial to keep you informed about industry developments that could impact your business. Today, we want to discuss an important announcement from the United States Postal Service® (USPS) regarding postage price changes that took effect […]

Top 6 In-House Invoicing Problems And How To Solve Them

Employee managing invoices and statements in-house

In the month-end hustle, have you ever found yourself wishing for a smoother, more efficient invoicing process? The race against the clock, with invoices to print, envelopes to stuff, and postage to apply, quickly becomes a monthly marathon that leaves even the most organized office feeling winded. It doesn’t have to be that way — […]

Optimizing Business Operations Through Outsourcing Document Printing and Mailing

print production

When it comes to optimization, time and money are the two resources that visibly deliver on savings and ROI. One opportunity to save big is by outsourcing your printing and mailing operations. The fact of the matter is that not all documents are created equal. But with the right printing and mailing provider, you can ensure […]

Gas Company Achieves Billing Efficiency With Dedicated Partner

City of Fountain Inn sign

Fountain Inn Natural Gas, a natural gas utility in South Carolina was struggling with their bill printing and delivery service. They initiated a search for a dedicated and responsive billing solution. The Challenge Finding a dependable bill print and mail partner was a struggle The City of Fountain Inn was using a billing service that […]

City of Clinton Iowa Upgrades Billing Quality without Impacting Budget

Clinton, Iowa sign

Billing was a time-intensive process for Anita Dalton and her finance team. After switching to PMSI, they increased print and design quality while freeing up time for more important tasks. The Challenge Printing and mailing bills consumed too much time and energy for the City of Clinton, Iowa As Finance Director for the City of […]