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City of Clinton Iowa Upgrades Billing Quality without Impacting Budget

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Billing was a time-intensive process for Anita Dalton and her finance team. After switching to PMSI, they increased print and design quality while freeing up time for more important tasks.

The Challenge

Printing and mailing bills consumed too much time and energy for the City of Clinton, Iowa

As Finance Director for the City of Clinton, Iowa, Anita Dalton is responsible for timely billing. Her team was spending an exceptional amount of time designing, printing, and distributing bills to residents. Stuffing envelopes, adding postage, and delivering each batch required multiple staffers and a good chunk of time each month. They also needed to keep inventory and stock supplies, as well as maintain the equipment to print and mail the bills.

We had to stock paper supplies and take staff time to insert the bills into an envelope. Then we’d run the mailing batch through our postage meter, or drive it to the post office.

Anita Dalton, City of Clinton, IA
  • Spending too much time on monthly billing
  • Constant wear and tear on equipment
  • Employed an additional part-time person to help

The Solution

After partnering with PMSI, product quality and billing processes improved

PMSI took over the design, printing, and distribution of billing for the City of Clinton, Iowa. The service cost was comparable and the time savings for the staff made it possible to focus on more important tasks. PMSI’s ability to work within the city’s existing software made for a seamless transition.

PMSI increased the quality of each bill, managed every step of the process, and ultimately made it easy to run monthly billing without the added headaches of stuffing envelopes and running postage.

With everything streamlined, the City Finance Office no longer had to stock paper for billing and the wear and tear on equipment was substantially reduced. All of this will save costs in the long run as equipment requires less maintenance and will have a longer life.

  • Integrated Software
    PMSI worked within Logics, the existing software system used by the city.
  • Improved Quality
    Paper stock, design, and overall quality were improved for a more professional appearance.
  • End-to-End Service
    PMSI manages every aspect of the process from printing to distribution.


Billing has never been easier for the City of Clinton

After outsourcing billing with PMSI, the City of Clinton finance team can focus their new time and energy on better serving residents.

They are able to get more done while PMSI delivers timely bills without any interruptions. Their budget is
unaffected after the change and the stress of billing is no longer an issue.

A partnership with PMSI helped the City of Clinton solve their key problems and:

  • Focus their time on better serving residents
  • Reduce wear on equipment, saving on replacement costs
  • Save $15k annually by eliminating a part-time billing role

Our product that gets mailed out is much more professional. It has freed up my staff time and I was able
to eliminate a part-time role, saving $15,000 annually.

Anita Dalton, City of Clinton, IA

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