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Gas Company Achieves Billing Efficiency With Dedicated Partner

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Fountain Inn Natural Gas, a natural gas utility in South Carolina was struggling with their bill printing and delivery service. They initiated a search for a dedicated and responsive billing solution.

The Challenge

Finding a dependable bill print and mail partner was a struggle

The City of Fountain Inn was using a billing service that charged exorbitant rates for small changes. The result was a time-consuming process that lacked flexibility for the natural gas department. With more than 7,000 monthly bills requiring delivery, the gas director searched and interviewed a number of companies with a specific set of requirements in mind.

Our existing billing partner was too big. They charged high fees for small requests and were often unresponsive to our needs.

Eduardo Noriega, Gas Director,
  • Limited Design Flexibility
    A giant company couldn’t customize bills like we wanted.
  • Lack of Communication
    The old billing provider didn’t offer a dedicated point of contact.
  • Wasted Time
    Small changes felt impossible and time-intensive.

The Solution

PMSI offers reliability and open lines of communication

The City of Fountain Inn determined PMSI was the best fit for bill printing and mailing services.

PMSI was more than capable and even had experience with Tyler, a specialized utility billing software company.

Gas director Eduardo Noriega liked the cost-effective business model and the quick turnaround. Ultimately, PMSI offers major time savings as Noriega simply submits his custom messaging with the
bi-monthly proof.

How It Works

PMSI sends back the proof and after approval, they print, stuff envelopes and send out bills on-time.

As a utility provider, timely billing is critical for managing costs and securing the bottom line. From
the customer perspective, receiving clear, timely bills is also essential for budgeting and trust in the core
service provider.

PMSI delivers consistently to protect both the customer and gas utility interests.

  • Flexible Design
    Making small changes and adding specialized notes to bills is a cinch.
  • Fast Turnaround
    Designs are proofed, prepared and off to print in a matter of hours.
  • Dedicated Partner
    With a single point of contact, every request is managed immediately.


PMSI stabilizes billing for utility customers

In two years of service, Fountain Inn Natural Gas has received perfect outcomes from PMSI. In one instance, the gas department had an error and submitted their design late. PMSI responded by making adjustments and working extra to ensure every bill was printed and mailed immediately.

With a great partnership in place, the City of Fountain Inn does not need an internal billing department and can continue receiving cost-effective, high-quality results.

If I’m not happy, I’m not shy about saying so. Coming from a customer service field, I expect great service, and PMSI does a great job of it.

Eduardo Noriega, Gas Director,

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