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Team Member Spotlight: Joseph Hargrove, Print Operator

Meet Joseph Hargrove, a PMSI print operator and valued team member. Joseph’s dedication to quality and teamwork shines through in every project he tackles. His proactive approach and attention to detail ensure we meet every customer’s needs with precision and care. When discussing Joseph’s impact at PMSI, COO Tiffany Tobin Hamilton says, “Joseph is a […]

Team Member Spotlight: Victor Maynard, CTO

Employee Spotlight: Victor Maynard

Meet Victor Maynard, CTO and valued team member at PMSI. Leading into Veterans Day, we are thrilled to highlight the contributions Victor has made to our country as a Veteran and to our team. He is highly skilled, hard-working and is a true leader for the company. When discussing the impact Victor has at PMSI, […]

Employee Spotlight: Jim Chisamore, PMSI Maintenance Tech

Employee Spotlight: Jim Chisamore

Jim works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and top-notch quality.  “Jim is a loyal, knowledgeable employee critical to our long-term success. His dedication and experience as a technician have resulted in excellent uptime and performance for our company.”  Lyle Blue, CEO of PMSI Jim’s role at PMSI is as versatile as it gets. […]

Team Member Spotlight: Brittney Corkum, PMSI’s Lead Machine Operator

Employee Spotlight: Brittney Corkum

Meet Brittney Corkum, Lead Machine Operator for PMSI based in Durham, NC who has been with us for two years! She’s got the skills to print the bills (and letters), and we’re so lucky to have her! “Brittney is an energetic self-starter,” said Lyle Blue, CEO of PMSI. “She is constantly challenging herself to perform her […]